Odd-even: AAP govt moves NGT seeking modification of its order

Roundup: Local gov't in Indian capital city scraps odd-even formula

Why AAP govt's odd-even vehicle scheme should be implemented in Delhi to fight pollution

After pledging to ask the National Green Tribunal (NGT) to allow exceptions to the Odd-Even rule to restrict cars in Delhi, the Arvind Kejriwal government today arrived hours late to court.

The green panel banned all exemptions granted under the Odd-Even scheme including two-wheelers, government officials and women drivers.

"In light of the two conditions by NGT on two-wheelers and women, at the moment we are calling it off".

Earlier today, the green court had rebuked the city government over its no-show, wondering if its statement of filing a review petition on odd-even was for media consumption alone.

"It is a no-brainer that the pollution caused by private vehicles, whether they are four- or two-wheelers, can be curbed by restricting their numbers, as Beijing and other Chinese cities have done successfully even as public transport is greatly increased".

This winter, Delhi is badly struggling to tackle with unprecedented rise in the level of air pollution. The NGT has agreed to the government's scheme after it directed that only emergency services will be exempted from it during a hearing on Saturday.

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Meanwhile, the almost week-long spell of toxic smog enveloping the national capital continued today, with reduced visibility in some areas leading to cancellation of trains in Delhi.

Meanwhile, the Supreme Court today agreed to hear a petition filed by advocate RK Kapoor which seeks "immediate measures" to check the rising pollution in Delhi and its surrounding areas, which has become an global headline for a week now.

The odd-even scheme involves having vehicles with odd number registration numbers on the roads on odd dates and those with even registration numbers on even dates.

This is the third time the odd-even scheme is being launched in Delhi. Why then, some of the city's residents asked on Twitter, did authorities wait until the onset of winter this year to pass legislation on auto rationing? Movement of trucks and construction works are under scrutiny, water is being sprinkled.

The directive was issued by agriculture ministry in wake of the increasing levels of pollution in New Delhi.

Delhi and its surrounding states have been shrouded in a hazardous fog of toxic pollutants for almost a week, prompting authorities to roll out a slew of measures to combat the crisis.

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