Chennai engineer set on fire by her spurned lover, dies

Engineer burnt alive by spurned lover on the doorstep of her home in Chennai

Stalker set woman and her family on fire: woman succumbs to injuries, family critical

According to the reports, the 22-years-old engineering student Indhuja was at her home when her stalker entered her house and burnt her alive.

The woman's mother and younger sister suffered burn injuries when they tried to save her. Induja, 21, was in her house with her mother Renuka and her siblings Nivedita and Manoj when Akash confronted them around 9 pm. Another young woman techie was killed in an acid attack by a man she had rejected, the report added. Renuka and Nivedha were later taken to the Kilpauk Medical College (KMC) Hospital.

Akash then splashed petrol on Induja and used a lighter to set her ablaze.

. On Monday night, be came to their home and picked up a quarrel with her. Doctors at the KMC Hospital said Renuka and Nivedha suffered 49% and 23% burns repectively, mostly on their faces and hands. However, she hasn't been going to work for the last one month, allegedly because of Aakash's stalking. While Induja's family says she had rebuffed him, the accused claims that he was in a relationship with her and they had plans to marry. As per the reports, the person who set her on fire is a stalker of her. "In a fit of rage he took out a bottle of kerosene and set her on fire and tried to escape when the neighbours caught him and handed him over to the police", said a police source.

A neighbour said the ambulance arrived too late, at least 40 minutes after a call was made.

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The victim's uncle said, "Akash was stalking my niece for a month".

Sindhuja's father Shanmugam, 48, is working in Dubai.

Reportedly, initially, they had an argument after which Aakash poured petrol on Indhuja.

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