Google Home can now be used as an intercom with Broadcast feature

'Broadcast' feature to turn Google Home & Assistant into an intercom now rolling out

Google is finally giving you a good reason to buy more than one Google Home speaker

Google has finally started rolling out a welcome feature to their Google Home speaker that will turn your $129 smart speaker into the equivalent of a $20 intercom.

With modern technologies, first world problems like shouting across the house that dinner is ready are becoming a thing of the past.

In what was a United States feature only Google is now letting Australian users of their new Google Voice product do a broadcast message. It's basically pushed a Google Assistant upgrade that lets you broadcast your voice to every Google Home speaker or Google Assistant-enabled device - using either another speaker or your smartphone. Meanwhile, devices should be updated to version 1.26.9393 and have Do Not Disturb off. Google does note that anyone, not just Voice Match users, can broadcast a message.

A new blog post entitled "Communicate around the house with the Google Assistant" has been published by Google Home Product Manager, Alex Duong, and Google Assistant Software Engineer, Nam Do.

From Google's support page, it appears that you can send custom voice messages, as well as have Assistant bark automated messages and sounds depending on the command you choose.

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A new Google Assistant broadcast update has arrived on the Google Home, which makes the goal of a home device as it should be. Rather than yelling or texting them, you can broadcast your voice through Google Home.

Currently, the broadcast feature is only available in English and is expected to come in more languages soon.

See Google's help center for more examples on how to use this feature.

The message that you broadcast will play on all Google Home devices that are signed into the same Google Account.

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