LiAngelo Ball, UCLA teammates reportedly leaving China after being detained


LETTER: The Trump-Xi Meeting in Beijing, Very Briefly

President Donald Trump asked Xi to resolve the case during his recent state visit in China while on tour of Asia, The Washington Post reported.

The Los Angeles Times has identified the players as Cody Riley, Jalen Hill and LiAngelo Ball - the brother of Los Angeles Lakers rookie Lonzo Ball. ESPN reported last Friday that police have surveillance footage of the trio committing the crimes in three stores in the high-end shopping center.

The three students were taken in for questioning by police about alleged shoplifting during a November 8 to 10 team visit but were barred from leaving China and were being confined to a hotel in the city of Hangzhou.

According to a report over the weekend from ESPN, the players could be in China for another week or two, dependent upon how quickly the legal process can be resolved.

The Post cites a US official that said that Xi promised to look into the situation, and that "the charges against the players have been reduced and the case is proceeding toward a resolution". The Post cited an official who indicated charges against the players have been reduced and the case is close to resolution.

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Ball, who is the brother of Los Angeles Lakers rising star rookie point guard Lonzo Ball and the son of the outspoken Big Baller Brand founder LaVar Ball, now remains in China with his two teammates. The athletes were unable to play in the game, and they remain in China awaiting their fate while the rest of their team returned to the US days ago.

UCLA beat Georgia Tech 63-60 without the three freshmen. "He's been terrific", Trump said, in an apparent reference to Xi.

If this source is correct, then the UCLA trio may be a part of the miniscule 0.08% of people who get acquitted in the "Draconian" Chinese courts which are notorious for convicting almost every individual charged of criminal activity, as described by Dan Wetzel of Yahoo Sports.

Trump learned about the details of the cases from aides, including Kelly, said the official familiar with the internal discussions. "They do not play games".

Areddy of the Wall Street Journal reported the news. He'll be fine. Everybody making it a big deal.

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