Sydney's new ferry named Ferry McFerryface

Victor Chang Ferry on Sydney Harbour

Victor Chang Ferry on Sydney Harbour Karyn Hannah incat

Naturally, the internet is loving/blowing up over the new ferry's moniker.

"We're in talks now to just leave the ferry by the wharf and run the daily service without it", said the source.

"Ferry McFerryface" and the rest of the new fleet will each have capacity for 400 customers, as well as improved accessibility for people with disabilities, wi-fi access and charging stations for electronic devices.

The original Boaty McBoatface was even renamed the Sir David Attenborough after officials said the public's choice was unsuitable. Twitter gave yesterday's announcement mixed reviews.

"Ferry McFerryface will be the harbour's newest icon and I hope it brings a smile to the faces of visitors and locals alike, " he added.

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The name was also shot down by Australian Minister for Transport and Infrastructure Andrew Constance, who told the outlet they didn't want to double up on the name.

"This one is for the kids", said NSW Transport Minister Andrew Constance.

The new inner harbour ferries are being delivered as part of the NSW Government's plan to modernise and expand Sydney's ferry network. Three of the six already chosen are the Victor Chang (after the late heart surgeon), Fred Hollows (optalmologist) and Catherine Hamlin (obstetrician).

More than a year and half since thousands of United Kingdom citizens proudly clubbed together to vote "Boaty McBoatface" to the top of a public poll, Australia has now followed suit. Ferry McFerryface finished fifth. Since then, an express train in Sweden was reportedly named Trainy McTrainface and a racehorse in Sydney was named Horsey McHorseface a year ago.

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