Thieves dig 25-foot tunnel into bank

Thieves dig 25-foot tunnel to rob bank

Mumbai: Thieves dig 25-foot tunnel into bank

Navi Mumbai: Juhinagar branch of Bank of Baroda in Navi Mumbai was on the target of bank robbers, who performed their activities on the lines of a British Hollywood film, "The Bank Job'".

The tunnel was reportedly dug from an adjoining shop outside the bank's storeroom said the investigators.

It was a weekend bash for robbers as they looted 27 lockers at Bank of Baroda's Juinagar branch in Navi Mumbai.

The total value of the stolen goods is not yet known, as the police are still recording the statements of the bank customers. "Taking advantage of the two-day weekend break, the accused broke 30 lockers", police sources said.

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However, the alarming number of robberies in state-run banks, which many in India still consider a "safer" option as compared to their private banking counterparts, makes availing locker services an unintelligent bet. They dug an underground tunnel from the shop.

Over time, they dug a 25-feet long tunnel to reach the branch's locker room. "However, there were none inside the locker room to respect the privacy of customers", said Kiran Patil, assistant commissioner of police (Nerul) division. Police Commissioner also told that they had found some leads and we are working on them. The Bank officials were shocked to open the bank only to find the robbery that already happened on Sunday. Recounting how the crime came to light, victim Rupali Adagale, who visited the bank on Monday morning to get her jewellery from her locker said, "I tried to open the door to the lockers, but it wouldn't yield". The bank had called all its customers to following the robbery for assessment of the robbery.

However, a complaint was registered with Sanpada police station in Navi Mumbai.

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