AFFLECK & ABRAMS Unites New All-Star Super-Team with ANISTON, SHAQ, More

Ben Affleck Brings Jimmy Kimmel's Childhood Comic Book to Life

Kim Kardashian Reads Kanye West's Tweet During Jimmy Kimmel-Themed Mean Tweets for Host's Birthday

But we shouldn't worry too much if he ends up leaving the franchise, because the actor may have found the flawless superhero part.

Kimmel's 50th birthday celebration also included a special version of Mean Tweets that only included comments from fans criticizing the comedian as read by celebrities that included Kim Kardashian, Jennifer Lawrence, David Letterman, Michael Keaton, Chris Hemsworth, Amy Schumer, Stephen Colbert, Kristin Bell and many more. Putting aside the talks about his role in the #DCEU, the actor brought along a really cool birthday surprise.

Following Affleck's explanation, #JJAbrams appeared on screen.

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While Kimmel's childhood comic heroes probably made sense to him as a kid, heroes like Super Duck (Zach Galifianakis) and Spire (Shaquille O'Neal) seem to have no discernible powers other than being able to fly (awkwardly) and hold a giant club, respectively. "They demanded to be brought to life". Wanda Sykes played Dr. Bolt's weapon - The Bleach Master - which was just a box a bleach. But Kimmel didn't seem to be offended, praising the clip as "the best present [he's] ever gotten". "Muscle Man, I imagined myself in that role, but you were unbelievable". Good job, Affleck and Co.

With Justice League wrapping up what's been a major year for superhero movies, parodies based on those caped crusaders are inevitable. Abrams. They teamed up with a slew of familiar actors and comedians to create the ultimate superhero team: the Terrific Ten. Who was your favorite celebrity cameo in the footage? "We weren't" sure what it was because they told us it was a secret project, so they gave us obviously a kind of dummy, generic scene about a kid who wanted to.I don't know, race BMX's or something.

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