Free 'StarCraft II' Is Now Available: Here's How To Start Playing

You can now grab Starcraft II: Wings of Liberty for free

How to play Starcraft II for free

So yep, despite going free-to-play, Starcraft II won't feature any extra currencies or microtransactions.

As promised a couple weeks back, Blizzard's classic, beloved real-time strategy game Starcraft II is now free to play.

Following the community outrage over Star Wars Battlefront II's controversial progression system, Blizzard chose to sent out some tweets promoting StarCraft II, which became free-to-play as of yesterday.

After the game was installed, you're good to go.

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Note: For new users, keep in mind that you'll have to come up with a BattleTag, which is essentially your online username. But three tweets in succession hammering the same point is a little surprising when there's an element of pot-and-kettle to the whole thing. Hence, you will need to invest some of your time and skills in order to get on the Ranked ladder of StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty. Meanwhile, Ranked Multiplayer will only be available after you complete 10 "First Wins of the Day" in Unranked Multiplayer or Versus AI matches.

If you already own Wings of Liberty, you can get the second part of StarCraft II's campaign, the Heart of the Swarm expansion, for free instead. Ensure you access and claim it until December 8. Essentially, this limits you to unranked game modes for the first tens days, which is Blizzard's way of combating smurf accounts that are often prevalent in ranked, free-to-play games. The co-op commanders Artanis, Kerrigan and Raynor will also be available while the other commanders will only be free-for-play up to level 5.

The free-to-play implementation of StarCraft 2 is generous, but cost is becoming a serious issue in Hearthstone-we recently estimated that maintaining a full collection of cards has grown to almost $1000 per year.

The entire multiplayer ladder will also be free with this changeover.

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