Here's how long you have left to spend your old £10 notes

Chris J Ratcliffe-Pool  Getty Images

Chris J Ratcliffe-Pool Getty Images

March the 1st is the last day you can spend you old paper ten pound notes.

The notes, featuring naturalist Charles Darwin, were introduced in 2000.

The new polymer £10 banknote was first issued on September 14 to replace the old paper notes, with the new polymer note argued to be stronger, cleaner, safer and harder to counterfeit.

On March 1st, 2018, the United Kingdom will use only a new £10 note, and the old paper notes will no longer be legal tender after that date.

As at 3 October 2017, 55% of £10 notes in circulation were made of polymer with an estimated 359 million paper £10 notes in circulation.

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Now the new plastic £10 note has been jettisoned into circulation the old tenner is to be withdrawn.

At the time, many major banks and building societies confirmed that customers could continue to deposit old £5 notes after the cut-off date, so the same may happen for the £10 note.

Plastic £20 notes are set to come into circulation from next year.

Despite the vegans' protests, the note with Jane Austen also has an inscription in raised dots that help blind and partially-sighted users to identify them.

Its introduction followed the new £5 note, which went into circulation in September 2016, and caused controversy because of traces of tallow, a product derived from animal fats, contained in the notes (it's also in the tenner).

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