Aston Martin Valkyrie AMR Pro Is Insanity on a Diet

Aston Martin Valkyrie in near-production form

Aston Martin Valkyrie in near-production form Enlarge

Aston Martin has pulled the covers off the Valkyrie AMR Pro, a track-only evolution of the most extreme Aston Martin in history. The standard Valkyrie, of which all 150 have been allocated, is priced between £2m and £3m.

The price? Well, considering the standard Valkyrie is said to cost between $2.6 and $4 million, the AMR Pro will undoubtedly be more than that - think more in the region of $5 million. The end result was a significant gain in downforce compared to the regular Valkyrie, thanks in no short part to larger front and rear wing elements as well as active aerodynamic controls that were tweaked for track use.

Hold your horses! Aston has issued but two official design sketches of the new top-dog hypercar; no official outputs or performance figures are available yet (although the top speed is "predicted to be close to 250mph)". The wheels on the Valkyrie AMR Pro have in fact been made smaller than the road car's in order that Aston could squeeze on a set of Michelin racing boots, which are the same specification as those worn on LMP1 endurance racing prototypes.

"It has always been vitally important to me that the Valkyrie functions well as a true road auto, and that naturally comes with some constraints", explains Red Bull's Adrian Newey.

The AMR Pro's exhaust system will also be lighter because there are fewer silencing requirements on track cars.

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Weight savings comes courtesy of ditching all the windows and replacing them with polycarbonate plastic, chucking out the heater and infotainment systems and replacing lots of stuff with the same thing, but made out of carbonfibre. It'll produce a "sustained" 3.3G through cornering, and more than 3.5G while braking. Those lucky enough to take delivery will have access to Red Bull's driver training facilities, including time in the simulator and professional on-track tuition, plus programmes to improve physical fitness.

The owners of the exclusive auto will receive an extra perk for the huge outlay - access to the same training facilities as Red Bull's F1 drivers, including simulator time, on-track tuition and fitness regimes.

"While the core elements of the road and track versions are shared, every aspect of the AMR Pro - aerodynamics, chassis, powertrain and weight - has been optimised to significantly extend the performance envelope. It offers a level of track performance significantly beyond any previous two-seat closed roof auto". Then, once their fitness/driving aptitude is up to scratch, they'll be let loose at dedicated track events at "some of the world's most prestigious tracks".

Aston boss Andy Palmer said: "The road vehicle will set new benchmarks for performance, engineering and technology".

Andy Palmer, Aston Martin CEO, added: "Valkyrie has always been about pushing the limits and redefining the possible".

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