How To Read 'Delete For Everyone' Message On WhatsApp?

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WhatsApp's deleted messages can still be read: Here's how it works

WhatsApp recently released a feature which would enable its users to delete any message sent accidentally to another user or in a group provided the message is deleted within seven minutes of being sent.

A mobile application called "Notification History" allows users to access deleted messages if the app is given all the permissions, including enabling advanced history option.

The blog further explains that anyone can access deleted messages sent to them either via the Notification Log on the Android device or via a third-party app called Notification History, which is available on Google Play. It can be done just by entering the notification history to check the message that has been deleted by the sender using "Delete For Everyone". Users can only retrieve text which means any kind of media file cannot be recovered.

One can now be able to see the notification log from the home screen and users will be able to read deleted WhatsApp messages. Lastly, the notification log usually stores the information for few hours only and one will not be able to retrieve the deleted message if they have performed a restart.

The Notification History application, as the name suggests, is a dashboard for all notifications that come to your phone.

Similarly, a Settings widget can give access to the notification log within the device itself.

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So keep this in mind when you compose a WhatsApp message that you might want to stamp out of existence at some point: it's a lot easier not to write it in the first place than it is to ensure that it's really, truly deleted - just like those oh-so-not-disappearing Snaps!

To get at your phone's not-deleted deleted messages, you need a phone running at least Android 6 or 7.

If you thought WhatsApp's delete for everyone could be your saving grace for all those times you wished you had not sent that embarassing text to someone, well, think again. Secondly, it only works when a user has received a notification of the message. However, there seems to have a loophole in the feature as users can still access a deleted message if they really want to. So, going by the reports, iOS WhatsApp users will not be able to read the WhatsApp messages once deleted.

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The Independent tried out both methods and found that, while it is possible to view messages that have been deleted, you need to have already interacted with them. Finally, doesn't look like it works for devices running Android versions older than Android 7.0 Nougat.

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