Nigerians Among Migrants Auctioned In Libya's Slave Market

Italy defends Libya migrant deal dubbed'inhuman by UN

Italy defends Libya migrant deal dubbed'inhuman by UN

In this photo provided by Sea-Watch, migrants from a sinking inflatable dinghy try to board a Libyan coast guard ship during a rescue operation at sea in global waters off the coast of Libya on Monday, Nov. 6, 2017.

"The EU and Italy are giving assistance to the Libyan Coast Guard to intercept migrant boats in the Mediterranean, including on worldwide waters, " the United Nations rights chief noted.

This situation has arisen because of the European and Libyan crackdown on smuggler vessels, meaning that those who arrive in Libya have no boats on which to leave on, and the smugglers have nowhere to send the migrants.

An official at the ministry in charge of migration and Moroccans living overseas told The Associated Press that the "Moroccans will be repatriated".

"Only alternatives to detention can save migrants' lives and physical security, preserve their dignity and protect them from further atrocities", he said.

Previous investigations by Newsweek have shown that smugglers, particularly in the coastal town of Zuwara, drew in hundreds of migrants from across Africa, from Egypt, Sudan, and Niger, using social media.

Most of the migrants in Libya are being subjected to human trafficking, he said.

Speaking in Darija, the Moroccan dialect, he said, "No Moroccan official came, nor inquire about our situation".

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The report corroborates an earlier statement released by International Organisation for Migration (IOM) in April this year.

"(The smuggler) does not care as long as he gets the money, and the migrant may get to Europe or die at sea".

Morocco is both a transit country and a source of many migrants seeking to enter Europe clandestinely.

Migrants trying to reach Europe via North Africa are being sold at modern-day slave auctions by smugglers in Libya for as little as $400, a new investigation has revealed.

Libya's Department of Combating Illegal Migration (DCIM) said nearly 20,000 people were now in their facilities, dramatically up from just 7,000 in September.

While U.N. agencies and other humanitarian groups have access to them and seek to provide health care and some food, Zeid said it was not enough because "the European Union and its member states have done nothing so far to reduce the level of abuses suffered by migrants".

Italy, with the support of the European Union, has since the summer been training the Libyan coast guard to intercept boats as part of a controversial deal that has seen migrant arrivals to Italy down almost 70 percent since July.

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