Mother of dead Richardson girl arrested for child endangerment

Richardson police say Sini Mathews turned herself in Thursday. Her bond was set at $250,000

Richardson police say Sini Mathews turned herself in Thursday. Her bond was set at $250,000

Police say Wesley Mathews ordered his daughter to stand next to a tree behind the fence at their home at around 3 a.m. on October 7 as punishment for not drinking her milk.

According to a probable cause affidavit on Sini's arrest, it says that by leaving Sherin alone at the house, the parents placed their daughter "in imminent danger of death, bodily injury, or physical or mental impairment", reported.

The mother of a girl who was adopted from India and found dead last month in suburban Dallas has been charged with child abandonment after police allege that she left her home alone.

Capture sworn statements expressed that Mr. Mathews asserted be have been endeavoring to get Sherin to drink some drain, however that she was not collaborating. Sini Mathews herself turned in Richardson police station after which the arrest was recorded.

When they returned, Sherin, who police said had developmental issues and limited verbal communication skills, was still in the kitchen.

The investigation of the death of Sherin Mathews is ongoing.

Sini Mathews may face different or additional charges down the road, Perlich said.

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The girl's body was found two weeks later in a culvert.

Police were alerted to the situation when they Mirandized Wesley Mathews Oct. 23, a day after Sherin's body was found about a mile away from the Mathews' home. Bail has been set at $1 million.

4 to 5 a.m.: Police said the Mathews family's maroon Acura was gone at that time and asked people in the area to check surveillance videos for the SUV.

Her adoptive father, Wesley Mathews, has already been arrested and charged with injury to a child. Her body was found October 22.

Initially, Wesley told investigators Sherin went missing after he left her outside as punishment for not drinking her milk.

8 a.m.: Police are called about Sherin's disappearance. Later, he admitted to police that she was never missing at all.

Evening: Wesley Mathews is released from jail after posting bail.

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