Two Israelis wounded in separate attacks in the West Bank

TPSScene of one of the terror attacks near The Gush Etzion junction. Nov. 17 2017

TPSScene of one of the terror attacks near The Gush Etzion junction. Nov. 17 2017

In a statement, the army said it had imposed the siege after a Palestinian resident of the town allegedly injured two Israelis, attacking the nearby Gush Etzion settlement, which was built illegally on occupied Palestinian territory.

The Palestinian assailiant and one of the wounded were taken to the Hadassah hospital in Jerusalem.

Holhering is a member of the Bnei Menashe community, a group of Indian Jews who believe they are descendants of one of the ancient ten lost tribes of Israel.

A 17-year-old Palestinian has been critically injured after being shot by Israeli forces this morning, following a suspected resistance attack in the occupied West Bank, according to the Palestinian Information Centre.

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Later on Friday, the IDF imposed a closure on Halhul, in an effort to prevent further attacks. He than got out of the vehicle and attempted to stab a soldier with a knife, the soldier shot him, wounding and disabling him.

The terrorist first ran over a pedestrian near the Efrat (south) junction.

Israeli doctors confirmed that both settlers who were hit suffered mild to moderate injuries.

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