Jordan Peele jokes that Get Out is a documentary

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"Referencing the themes of racism and their ties to life in 2017, Peele wrote: "'Get Out' is a documentary".

"Here's the thing, the movie is truth", Peele said.

Jordan Peele's racially-charged horror thriller "Get Out" has been submitted for Golden Globe Award consideration in the "comedy" category, but Peele doesn't necessarily agree with that characterization. According to a new report at Entertainment Weekly, Get Out will compete as a comedy as opposed to a horror film.

The move has received backlash from fans and Jordan Peele, the writer and director of the film has tweeted: 'Get Out is a documentary'.

The Golden Globes actually award ceremony will start on January 8, 2018.

However, Peele has always maintained that his intention in making the film wasn't to be amusing, but to show his "truth". In interviews, Peele has discussed how the movie tackles the "exotification and the love of the black body and culture" which he views as a form of racism just as twisted as outright violence.

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Daniel Kaluuya and Allison Williams in "Get Out", 2017.

This means a big change in the film's competition, namely, at the Golden Globes.

This is not the first seemingly odd film placement within the award show.

The Golden Globe Awards have previous for things like this, with science fiction/drama film The Martian strangely winning Best Motion Picture - Musical or Comedy a year ago.

Many people took to Twitter to bemoan the category choice and argued it was an example of white privilege.

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