Weinstein had hitlist of people to prevent from disclosing sex scandal

JAN. 6 2016 FILE

The Harvey Weinstein sex assault scandal led to a host of victims filing complaints

According to a new report out this weekend in The Guardian, Weinstein had apparently drafted a document earlier this year that listed out 91 names of Hollywood power players - actors, producers, publicists, financiers, and other industry workers - who knew various things about his history of sexual misconduct.

Individuals would be targeted by investigators who would glean information on who had information about allegations, and then feedback was relayed back to Weinstein and his lawyers.

"Document" is in the hands of a team of producer, whose main task consisted in finding-out that included in the list of persons known cases of harassment, and how they are going to dispose of the available information.

It was reported last week that Weinstein had hired journalists and highly trained ex-spies and military personnel in order to stop accusers from going public with sexual misconduct claims against him.

Also listed on the document are actresses Sophia Dix, Annabella Sciorra, Katherine Kendall, all of whom have come forward with disturbing claims about Weinstein.

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Perkins revealed in October she broke a confidentiality agreement to describe alleged sexual harassment by the Hollywood producer.

Numerous names were highlighted in red to indicate targets Weinstein believed posed great risk to him. Among them were McGowan, Dix and Madden.

Scores of women, including Gwyneth Paltrow, Angelina Jolie and Lena Headey, have come forward with allegations of sexual assault against Weinstein since the New York Times claimed that Weinstein had allegedly paid off women who had accused him of sexual assault since the 1980s.

More than 50 women have accused Weinstein of crimes including sexual assault, harassment and rape.

The list appeared to be made by the director and disseminated to his investigators in an effort to keep his behavior a secret, months before reporter Ronan Farrow's expose.

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