Uber admits huge data breach

Uber is under pressure after 57 million customers records went public from a password-protected Gihub leak

2016 Data Security Incident | Uber Newsroom

Damages in data breach class actions are instead driven by the kind of personal information that was stolen and the ensuing risk to victims of identity theft, says McNamara.

With Uber's latest problems, it may become a whole lot tougher. An Uber spokesperson said, "We've been in touch with several state Attorney General Offices and the FTC to discuss this issue, and we stand ready to cooperate with them going forward".

The San Francisco company ousted Travis Kalanick as CEO in June after an internal investigation concluded he had built a culture that allowed female workers to be sexually harassed and encouraged employees to push legal limits.

Affected riders have also been flagged for additional fraud protection, although they don't need to take any other action beyond regularly monitoring their credit and accounts, the company said.

Yahoo didn't make its first disclosure about hacks that hit 3 billion user accounts during 2013 and 2014 until September 2016.

A GitHub spokeswoman said the hack was not the result of a failure of GitHub's security. "Uber's announcement about a concealed data breach last October raises huge concerns around its data protection policies and ethics".

"While I can't erase the past, I can commit on behalf of every Uber employee that we will learn from our mistakes", Khosrowshahi wrote. "We are changing the way we do business".

Uber's CEO, Dara Khosrowshahi, said he had only just learned about the breach as the news broke on Tuesday.

The company's chief security officer Joe Sullivan and a member of his team have left the firm under allegations that they took part in paying the hackers US$100,000 to delete the information they managed to steal, according to Bloomberg. "Those people responsible for the integrity and confidentiality of the data in-fact covered it up".

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The episode took place late previous year when hackers gained access to names, email addresses and phone numbers of 57 million Uber users worldwide, as well as the driver's license numbers of roughly 600,000 USA drivers.

"We subsequently identified the individuals and obtained assurances that the downloaded data had been destroyed", said Khosrowshahi in his blog post.

Uber said it had fired its chief security officer, Joe Sullivan, and a deputy, Craig Clark, this week due to their role in the handling of the incident.

Sullivan declined to comment when reached by Reuters.

As a result of the hack, the ride-share company now faces probes from multiple state attorneys general, as well as global regulators in Europe. "If UK citizens were affected, then we should have been notified so that we could assess and verify the impact on people whose data was exposed", James Dipple-Johnstone, deputy commissioner of the UK Information Commissioner's Office, said in a statement.

The ICO said it would investigate into the breach, including ascertaining how many United Kingdom citizens have been affected and to what extent.

The revelation comes as Uber is negotiating with Japan's SoftBank for a $10bn investment.

Uber's cover up means that millions of user data - names, mobile phones, and e-mails - have been leaked.

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