Delhi records maximum seizures of fake currency notes

City tops in crimes against sr citizens, 2nd against women

Uttar Pradesh, Delhi top crime list in 2016: NCRB

A total of 48,31,515 cognisable crimes - which include major crimes like rape, murder, kidnappings and rioting - comprising "29,75,711 IPC crimes" and "18,55,804 Special and Local Laws (SLL)" crimes were reported in 2016.

This is when Mumbai, where the underworld, too, run their own show, has reported a decline in the number of crimes.

West Bengal (19,302), Rajasthan (13,811) and Uttar Pradesh (11,156) have reported the highest number of incidents of "cruelty by husband" while Maharashtra (11,396), Uttar Pradesh (11,335) and Madhya Pradesh (8,717) have topped the charts under the category of "Assault on woman with intent to outrage her modesty".

"The state Government has resolved to deal sternly with such cases and to protect women", Sarang said. As for crime against women, Bihar ranked third with 5,496 of the country's 64,519 in 2016. There were 35 cases in 2016, maximum in Haryana with 12 such cases slapped against individuals.

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The "Crime in India 2016" report also shows that Bengaluru is second to Delhi among 19 metros having a population of more than 20 lakh in cases of murder and dowry deaths among others.

The highest number of rapes have been reported from Madhya Pradesh (4882), Uttar Pradesh (4816) and Maharashtra (4189).

The popular perception that crime graph has gone down after prohibition in Bihar previous year notwithstanding, the National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB) reports that the state saw the second highest number of cases of heinous crime, including murder, after UP in 2016. The Congress has also formed a truck with Dalit leader Jignesh Mewani and OBC leader Alpesh Thakore (who has joined the party and is contesting the polls as a Congress candidate) while promising them that, if voted to power in the state, the party would ensure that such crimes do not recur. While this figure in itself appears to be a gross undervaluation, the report claims that of these 1, 11, 569 missing children, 55,944 were traced were traced. This is the first time NCRB has published the crime data of metropolitan cities separately.

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