AP nod to Kapu quota

Chandrababu Naidu's grand vision that failed to materialize

Chandrababu Naidu's grand vision that failed to materialize

Speaking to the Times of India, deputy chief minister N Chinnarajappa said, "The 5% reservation for Kapus will be over and above the existing quota in the state and when implemented, the total reservation will exceed the 50% cap fixed by the Supreme Court".

The government will create another category F in the BC list to extend the reservation to the Kapus.

November 29 (ANI): Expressing concern over recent incidents of students' suicides in the educational premises, Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister N. Chandrababu Naidu on Wednesday warned management of the colleges of stern action, if rules and regulations are not followed as per set standards.

The TDP leader stressed that, "We will send this bill to the Centre".

For decades now, the powerful Kapu community, with 27 per cent population in Andhra Pradesh, has been demanding reservations.

However there will be no political reservations accruing to these four castes.

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Centre picked holes in the execution of the project by Chandrababu government. None can blame him for granting reservations to Kapus, including sub-castes like Telaga, Balija and Ontari, as he is just going by the committee's recommendation.

"Hence, without waiting for the chairmans report, we accepted the report submitted by the other members", ministers Kalva Srinivasulu and P Narayana told reporters in the assembly premises. The quota for Kapus is applicable only to educational seats and job, but they can not contest seats reserved for OBCs in the local bodies. "The state government will give 5 per cent quota to the community in the education and employment sectors".

The Cabinet on Friday discussed the recommendations of the three-member BC Commission headed by Justice K.L. Manjunath.

Since the YSR Congress had boycotted the ongoing session, the ruling party did not encounter any hurdle in getting the bill approved unopposed.

To enable the 5 per cent quota for the Kapus, the Centre will have to include it in Schedule 9 of the Constitution so as to insulate it from courts scrutiny. While there are already 143 castes classified as BCs in the state, the inclusion of Kapus and their three sub-castes takes the total count to 147.

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