Text messaging celebrates 25th birthday

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A British engineer, Neil Papworth sent the first text message using his PC to a senior executive of his telecom company Vodafone, who was attending a holiday party in Newbury, England.

Seven years after Papworth's first SMS message in 1999, texts could finally be exchanged on multiple networks, propelling them into greater popularity.

But texting didn't take off over night.

There was a decline of 25%-40% in texting after networks started charging for SMS, but it soon gained more traction - reaching 2.4 billion active users, 74% of all mobile phone subscribers.

The technology had actually been in development years before Papworth sent his festive message; SMS was conceived by Friedhelm Hillebrand and Bernard Ghillebaert of the GSM Corporation in 1984.

And perhaps because they missed that initial adoption, Americans still don't add the customary "x" at the end of a message.

Updating macOS can bring back the nasty "root" security bug
When that happens, "Make sure to update your Macs and MacBooks at your earliest opportunity after it is released", he added. It is noted that remotely realize the vulnerability impossible - the attacker must still have direct access to your device.

He could not have been more wrong though, with Elizabeth Bruton, who works for the Science Museum, letting everyone know how important the SMS was. It was when phones, around for more than a century, moved beyond mere audio. So SMS can be considered the first step towards the modern smartphone.

At first, text messages had a 160-character limit.

Personally, I try to keep to just three messaging apps - old fashioned SMS, iMessage and Skype, but I do have WhatsApp for tech conferences I go to, with the rest of WhatsApp blocked to all but a very few contacts.

In 2015, 30 billion messages were sent every day globally on WhatsApp, compared to 20 billion sent via SMS. The emoticons symbols made from keyboard characters to show emotions were also used.

Today, "MERRY CHRISTMAS" messages are now sent by millions all over the world using texts, videos, and emojis.

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