Google will enlist 10000 employees to moderate YouTube videos

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Google will dedicate more than 10,000 staff to rooting out violent extremist content on YouTube in 2018, the video sharing website's chief has said.

YouTube last month announced it will remove content on the platform that attempts to pass as being "friendly for kids".

According to Wojcicki, YouTube spent a year ago "testing new systems to combat emerging and evolving threats" and invested in "powerful new machine learning technology", and is now ready to employ this expertise to tackle "problematic content".

"We will continue the significant growth of our teams into next year, with the goal of bringing the total number of people across Google working to address content that might violate our policies to over 10,000 in 2018", Wojcicki said in an article published on the official blog of YouTube.

The reports led several big brands including Mars and Adidas to pull advertising from the site. Some 98 percent of videos that were removed were initially flagged by the "machine-learning algorithms".

Wojcicki said Youtube was taking these actions "because it's the right thing to do" and that creators, fans and advertisers were all "essential" to the platform's "creative ecosystem" and deserved its "best efforts".

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"We believe this requires a new approach to advertising on YouTube, carefully considering which channels and videos are eligible for advertising".

In addition, Wojcicki said the company would take "aggressive action on comments, launching new comment moderation tools and in some cases shutting down comments altogether".

She said advances in machine learning meant Youtube could take down almost 70 per cent of violent extremist content within eight hours of it being uploaded and almost half of it within two hours.

YouTube will also expand its number of reviewers that check to make sure ads run next to appropriate videos.

Just last week it was reported that YouTube removed 150,000 videos over predatory comments targeting children, also disabling comments for more than 625,000 because of the same problem. "But no matter what challenges emerge, our commitment to combat them will be sustained and unwavering", she declared.

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