See astronauts throw a pizza party in space

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WATCH: Italian space crew prepare pizza and they loved it!

Paolo Nespoli‏, an Italian astronaut who's now orbiting our planet aboard the International Space Station, missed pizza so much that he boldly brought it up to his boss during a live streamed public event.

It's not the 3D-printed pizza that astronauts could one day be scarfing down on lengthy missions to Mars, but it is, nevertheless, pizza in space.

Astronauts aboard the International Space Station made pizza in zero gravity over the weekend, making for an unusual spectacle of floating food.

This pizza party was star-studded.

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During a live stream event from the station, an Italian astronaut mentioned to his boss how much he missed pizza.

Commander Randy Bresnik called the pizzas "flying saucers of the edible kind".

If you're away on a long trip you can really start to crave a taste of home - and that's exactly what happened to astronaut Paolo Nespoli‏.

The video uploaded by NASA's Johnson Space Center displays the crew working together to make pizzas. And while the pizza might not have been up to Earth standards, Nespoli‏ said they were "unexpectedly delicious". The Expedition 53 crew fastened the ingredients to a table with Velcro and used scissors to cut the pizzas into slices.

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