Various Wii games getting 1080p Nvidia Shield releases in China

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Nintendo Games Coming To The Nvidia Shield (In China)

The fact Nintendo and Nvidia have a good enough relationship to make these ports possible should come as no surprise.

At the moment these are exclusive to China, with the price of the Shield at RMB 1499 (£169) and the games at RMB 68 (£8).

A Chinese Nvidia Shield trailer posted on Twitter by industry analyst Daniel Ahmad shows the system running various Wii and GameCube titles, while the Nvidia website confirms the games are 1080p remasters.

Nintendo, a Japanese consumer electronics company, announced it partnership with NVIDIA to launch Wii and GameCube games for Nvidia Shield only in the Chinese market.

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There's more video of NSMB in action here. Twilight Princess, and Punch-Out! right away, with other games including Super Mario Galaxy set for future release. Nintendo is no exception, opting to partner with Tencent for a Switch launch in December. Nvidia says these games have been provided by Nintendo under license.

"The Shield will focus on games in China". Before releasing in the country, all games must be cleared by China's Ministry of Culture.

Nvidia is making similarly major efforts to adapt its product to China. Seeing as both the Shield TV and Nintendo Switch run on Nvidia's Tegra X1 mobile chip, anything that works on Shield natively will work on the Switch.

Since China doesn't allow Google services, Nvidia's machine will have streaming, store, and smart assistant features that come from local Chinese partners.

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