Democrat plans to force impeachment vote on President Trump today

Two Impeachment Misunderstandings

Steyer Slams Democratic Opposition to Impeaching Trump: 'Human Beings' Outside Washington Support It

In May, he delivered a speech on the House floor suggesting Trump be impeached for firing FBI Director James Comey, which Green said amounted to obstruction of justice. The articles of impeachment he brought against Trump in October accused the president of "fueling an alt-right hate machine" that's "causing immediate injury to American society". He says in a letter that he's doing it because "we now have a bigot in the White House who incites hatred and hostility". The articles also mention Trump's comments regarding NFL protests during the National Anthem, and the anti-Muslim videos he retweeted on November 29.

Democratic leaders have sought to temper calls for Trump's impeachment, arguing that the move would be premature given the continuing investigations into his campaign and administration led by congressional committees and the special counsel Robert Mueller.

Green tried to force a vote on the issue Wednesday.

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Only three presidents have been impeached by the House, though none were removed from office. But the resolution was set aside, and it will be considered sometime in the next two days. House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) called impeachment a waste of time and energy, while Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) urged patience for frustrated Democrats who wanted to bring impeachment proceedings against Trump. But he later pledged to force a vote by Christmas.

A vote to table the motion would force Democrats to explain to restive liberals eager to see Trump removed from office why they did not support an attempt to do so.

"Mr. Speaker in a metaphorical sense today, sometime after noon, shortly after 12 o'clock, I will take the road less traveled", Green stated. "May everyone vote their conscience knowing that history will judge us all".

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