Disney, Fox closing in on deal

Avengers 4

How The Reported Purchase Of FOX Assets By Disney Could Save ESPN

Fantastic Four and the X-Men are properties of 21st Century Fox, which is why those characters have been absent of all other Marvel films thus far, whose properties are owned by Disney.

The Walt Disney Company is giving serious thought to appointing James Murdoch as its next CEO, providing the Mouse House closes a deal for 21 Century Fox's entertainment arm.

Polygon has reached out to both Fox and Disney for comment on the reports of a deal, which have not been confirmed. Fox would be left with its news and sports assets.

Bradley also asked the regulator to scrutinise whether the deal would give him too much influence at the heart of the British media. The sale would include Fox's movie studio, cable channels and global units-Sky and Star India.

Toll Brothers profit, revenue jump on higher demand
In order to know the value of a stock , there is need to compare its current price to its likely trading price in the future. The shares were sold at an average price of $47.00, for a total transaction of $940,000.00. (NYSE: TOL ) for 320,053 shares.

We've been hearing rumors of the deal for a while now, but this is the most significant progress to date.

Of course, this deal comes with its pros and cons. The Fantastic Four could finally get done the right way; Captain America could hang out with Professor X. Iron Man could trade insults with Wolverine (if Hugh Jackman comes out of retirement). And while a deal between the two isn't guaranteed, "It does appear more likely than not that they will, and could announce a deal as soon as next week".

Reports on earlier talks did not include the sale of the 22 Fox owned-and-operated RSNs, which distribute local NBA, NHL and Major League Baseball games to roughly half the country's TV markets. So possibly no more Logan or Deadpool type movies. We'll keep you posted.

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