Is Arshi Khan The New Captain Of The House?

Bigg Boss 10 winner Manu Punjabi says Shilpa Shinde will win the show

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Seems like, Christmas will bring joy and happiness inside the Bigg Boss 11 house as relatives and parents of the contestants are likely to enter the show.

The contestants had fun in the task but Arshi turned violent and dipped her baby, which featured Shilpa Shinde's face, in the water. Arshi wants to become the captain but she is entangled in Vikas's politics.

According to the article, Vikas Gupta's mom, Puneesh Sharma's dad, Hiten Tejwani's wife, Gauri Pradhan Tejwani and Shilpa Shinde's brother will be going in as well.

Priyank and Hina discuss how they should go about the task.

In today's episode, the gharwale woke up to Chota Bacha Samajh Ke Humko (can you guess, what's the task?) Bigg Boss gave a super interesting yet bacho waala task.

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Priyank tells Vikas that he wants to be the captain. However, in the discussion, Puneesh tells Vikas that he won't let Arshi be the captain. But Vikas tells this game is not in the hands of one person and he is too late in coming to him. Vikas says, at any cost, Luv should not win. In the washroom area, Vikas swears that he supports Arshi, who has heard Akash say that they were against Arshi and her captaincy.

Hina goes and tells Hiten that she wants to become the captain. Hina, Priyank and Puneesh predict that either Vikas or Arshi would become the next captain.

After that, Arshi and Vikas get into a heated argument for taking Puneesh's side over her. Arshi comes and asks Shilpa to get lost. In an argument, Arshi tells Hiten that Vikas will choose Puneesh and Bandgi over him. Arshi tells Luv that he is lucky as he has been saved umpteen number of times despite considered to be a weak contestant.

When Bigg Boss would play the sound of babies crying, everyone needed to rush to the parking space and place their pram in one slot. In an attempt to sort out matters between Shilpa and Arshi, he takes Shilpa out in the garden area, to Arshi and requests her to forgive Arshi. Stay tuned for more updates...

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