Tonya Harding's Surprising Batman Connection

NATION-NOW     Margot Robbie injured neck in 'I Tonya' training     
       Margot Robbie injured neck in'I Tonya training

NATION-NOW Margot Robbie injured neck in 'I Tonya' training Margot Robbie injured neck in'I Tonya training

Tuesday night's premiere of I, Tonya in Los Angeles brought out some familiar faces, including Margot Robbie, Allison Janney, Sebastian Stan, and even Tonya Harding herself.

Check your kneecaps at the door - Tonya Harding and Margot Robbie, the woman playing Tonya Harding, were hanging out together for the premiere of the Tonya biopic.

"I, Tonya" movie will be released in NY and Los Angeles Friday. "She's a complicated subject for a song partly because the hard facts of her life are so unusual, disputable, heroic, unprecedented, and indelibly American". She was an unlikely skating star, having been raised working class in Portland, Oregon. She was banned from the U.S. Figure Skating Association for life.

Harding pleaded guilty to conspiring to hinder prosecution in an attack on rival skater Nancy Kerrigan in 1994, a scandal that rocked the sport and forever changed both of their legacies - Harding's from a champion figure skater to a jealous villain in a crime carried out by her ex-husband and former bodyguard.

Kerrigan spoke out about the incident in the NBC documentary Nancy & Tonya in 2014.

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Despite being clubbed in the knee, Kerrigan, 48, eventually recovered and ended up winning a silver medal at the Olympics.

Margot, 27, couldn't contain her excitement as she posed with Tonya, 47, on the red carpet ahead of the LA screening.

I admit, early drafts of this song contained more than a few puns, punch lines and light-hearted jabs-sex tapes and celebrity boxing make for an entertaining narrative arc.

Believe it or not, notorious figure skater Tonya Harding has a connection to Batman - and it is actually pretty special.

I, Tonya director Craig Gillespie previously opened up about the movie in an exclusive interview with Us Weekly. Tonya also had a brief career as a boxer, and is most famous for her bout with former Arkansas state employee Paula Jones (whose sexual harassment suit against Bill Clinton precipitated his impeachment in 1998).

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