Google Shuts down Chrome Apps Web Store on Mac & Windows

Chrome Apps are dead, as Google shuts down the Chrome Web Store section

Google removes Chrome Apps from Web Store, pushes to PWAs

More than a year after the announcement, Google Chrome is finally pulling the plug on its "Apps" section from the Chrome Web Store on Mac, Windows, and Linux platforms. However, Apps will still be available on Chrome OS-powered devices, like Chromebooks, and they're accessible via direct links to their Chrome Web Store pages. The company has sent an email to developers, in which it was mentioned that Google was working to bring Progressive Web Apps to desktop and that it was planning to launch in the mid of 2018. However, the Chrome OS users will still have access to the apps installed by the Store for the foreseeable future.

The company explained its intention to do away with apps a year ago, and as we noted back in August when it officially announced its plans, only about 1 percent of Windows, macOS and Linux users actually used Apps, so they've gotta go. The Web Store will only have Extensions and Themes available for download starting Wednesday. These applications which are already being rolled out for Chrome on Android and will function more like full-fledged applications with push notification capabilities and an installable app icon.

If it sounds complicated, you can check out the Google Support documentation which takes you through setting up and using Chrome Remote Desktop on your Windows, Mac or Linux PC or Chromebook. PWAs can work across multiple browsers even on mobile devices, and can deliver an app-like experience to desktop websites.

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The web giant revealed in 2016 that it planned to phase out Chrome Apps in 2018. Microsoft already announced that it's bringing PWAs to Windows 10, while Apple is in early stages to bring it to the Safari web browser.

Google removes apps from Chrome web browser.

Chrome Remote Desktop is of course Google's remote admin tool, allowing you to remotely access your, or someone else's computer, tablet or phone.

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