Following Two Rockets Fired at Israel, IDF Strikes Back in Gaza

Rebecca Stead

Rebecca Stead

Although there are no specific details regarding tomorrow's intended disruptions, the IDF is preparing for the possibility of renewed rioting along the Gaza Strip border during hours of prayer in Jerusalem, where both Israel Police and IDF Border Police forces have been bolstered.

Furthermore, after two rockets were fired from Gaza this evening, the IDF does not rule out the possibility that the Gaza Strip may join the violence.

After the assault from Gaza, Israeli jets targeted military sites belonging to Hamas and Islamic Jihad.

Illustrative image of a previous strike on Gaza.

At around 6:30 pm sirens sounded in the Shaar Hanegev Regional Council in the northwestern Negev.

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"Hamas movement is acting in a powerful manner for the launch of a new Intifada against the Israeli occupation; we need to formulate new strategies and polices to counter the threat and conspiracy against Jerusalem, against Palestine", he said.

Israel holds Hamas responsible for all activity happening in the Gaza Strip.

Israeli army forces stationed at watchtowers and tanks on the borders with Gaza fired live rounds at tens of Palestinian youth protesting near the borders.

According to Haniyeh, the statement made by US President Donald Trump on recognition of Jerusalem as Israel's capital and the transfer of the American embassy there from Tel Aviv "has put an end to the Oslo agreements and buried the Middle East peace process for good". "Jerusalem is being kidnapped and ripped from us".

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