Steelers S Mike Mitchell continues to rant against National Football League on Wednesday

Mike Mitchell says NFL player safety rules'ain't football in nonsensical rant

Mike Mitchell says NFL player safety rules'ain't football in nonsensical rant

Steelers safety Mike Mitchell went off on NFL commissioner Roger Goodell and the state of the league Wednesday afternoon, railing against the inconsistency of how hits, legal or not, are policed.

Following an almost-excruciatingly ugly-to-watch Steelers vs. Bengals Monday Night Football game this week, Roger Goodell and the NFL handed down their seemingly weekly suspensions, which included two plays from the Monday Night game.

The Steelers are not happy wideout JuJu Smith-Schuster received the same suspension for laying out Bengals linebacker Vontaze Burfict as Rob Gronkowski did for his late cheap shot on Bills corner Tre'Davious White.

But Mitchell believes that is just football.

I agree with Mitchell that the National Football League has to do a much better job of determining what infractions are suspendable and let the players know the ramifications of such actions. I think we're all very well aware of the dangers of the game.

"This ain't football", Mitchell said.

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"We gotta do better as players when we sign the next CBA".

"That's what we would always say, the players on that Steelers team who voted "no" were players who could talk about the CBA without being hypocritical", Batch said.

"They're just trying to reduce the long-term effects of what we know that are happening to people", Umenyiora said.

"Hand us all some flags and we'll go out there and try to grab the flags off", Mitchell said in the aftermath of Monday night's violent Steelers-Bengals clash that produced more than 200 yards in penalties and two players stretchered off the field. He also played with so little respect for opponents that Tatum is best known for paralyzing Darryl Stingley with one of those astonishing hits during a preseason game. If a ball is in the air and the man jumps and a man ducks his head, how do you want me to readjust my body? As a result, defensive players are often the ones that get the short end of the stick. You have to know the risk when you sign up.

Removing those high hits from the game, and fining, penalizing and suspending those who level them, should never be confused with taking the soul out of football. This is how I've changed my family legacy. Before I got drafted, I had $368 to my bank account. This a combat, contact sport. "There's going to be injuries". That's just what it is. You want the collisions, you want all those things. This is a man's game. This is for grown men.

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