Doctor Who drops new Christmas special trailer



The Doctor Who Christmas Special airs Christmas Day on BBC and BBC America. There's supposedly a special scene as the twelfth doctor ends his term by regenerating into his successor. This year's Christmas special finds the 12th and 1st Doctors stranded in the Arctic, on the cusp of their impending regenerations into different bodies. The latest look at Peter Capaldi's Doctor Who swansong might go a little farther than you'd expect in revealing what's in store for not one Doctor, but two.

The hubbub surrounding Whittaker's arrival is considerable, but Doctor Who also wants to celebrate Capaldi's run on the show by offering a retrospective on the actor's run that will air just after "Twice Upon a Time".

Ahead of the big regeneration episode, the BBC has released a new teaser, showing Peter Capaldi and David Bradley's Doctors coming face to face.

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The BBC released a new trailer for "Twice Upon a Time", this year's Christmas special, and it will be the final ride for Peter Capaldi as the Twelfth Doctor. Enchanted glass people, stealing their victims from frozen time.

But for a Doctor Who fan, the flawless Christmas is gorging on as many episodes of the sci-fi series as humanly possible without the aid of a TARDIS. It will also highlight the show's writer Steven Moffat as he reflects on his time with DOCTOR WHO, as reported by Deadline. And a World War One captain destined to die on the battlefield, but taken from the trenches to play his part in the Doctor's story.

This year's festive episode is teased in the clip in which the 12th Doctor and the First Doctor (played by David) come face-to-face in Peter's last outing before he hands over the role to Jodie Whittaker.

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