From Software Teases New Mysterious Project

FromSoftware Teases Its New Game With Tagline Shadows Die Twice

A new From Software game just got teased at The Game Awards 2017

At the pre-show at last night's Game Awards show, Japanese developer FromSoftware teased a new unnamed project with a short teaser a the tagline "Shadows Die Twice".

And more details are desperately needed considering how painfully stingy the brief trailer was with details. Here's hoping FromSoftware don't keep us waiting too long for more info. Blood, bone, and machinery mixed together in a scene that showed a rope tightening around some gnarly-looking device that could be a weapon or something entirely different, knowing FromSoftware.

There's plenty of guesses from fans as to what this means, with plenty of comments on this very video thinking this might be Bloodborne 2.

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The teaser ends with the phrase, "Shadows Die Twice". Worse case scenario (for us at least) is that it's a sequel to the Sony-exclusive Bloodborne. This makes sense: Bloodborne was an incredible game (the company's best, come at me), and a sequel would be a hunter's dream.

While From Software hasn't confirmed one or the other, Yasuhiro Kitao, a member of the team's communication department, offered an idea as to when eager fans can learn more about this mysterious new project.

Obviously the video has succeeded in sparking all sorts of speculations, pointing at whether the new game could be related to any of From Software's most popular franchises.

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