Sakura and Sagat headline Street Fighter 5 season three DLC characters

Six New Street Fighter 5 Characters Revealed For Season 3 Of Content

Street Fighter 5's third season of characters revealed at Capcom Cup 2017

Capcom has recently revealed the new Street Fighter 5 Fighters, launching with the upcoming Season 3.

Meanwhile, Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition will also feature an Arcade Mode, an Extra Battle Mode, along with new V Trigger moves. Her usual fighting style will be augmented by a new special move, Tengyo Hadoken, as well as the two V-Triggers Haru Kaze and Sakura Senpu. Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition is looking more and more incredible as more news and reveals grace the world wide web.

So which of the Season 3 DLC characters is your favorite?

I leave you with one parting note: Why does Cody suddenly look so debonair?

First up is fan-favourite Sakura, who comes out on 16th January, the same day as Street Fighter 5: Arcade Edition. You can see everything she can do in the trailer posted above.

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Sakura seems to have grown up a bit, as there seems to be a more mature design for her character. The new characters go by Falke and G, pictures of which are included among all of the new street Fighter 5 fighters listed below.

The long-awaited Season 3 of DLC for Street Fighter V has finally been announced.

After Sakura, Capcom will release Blanka, Cody and Sagat, as well as new characters Falke and G. Capcom hasn't detailed much about the gameplay of these characters, however, they've given us a teaser of the upcoming Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition, which gives us a look at all the upcoming DLC characters. However, the new characters won't unlock in this case - you'll have to either use a Season 3 Character pass, or unlock them via fight money.

Current players of Street Fighter V and future owners of Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition will be placed into the same player pool, with PS4 and PC cross-platform play continuing to unite fans into a unified player base.

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