The OnePlus 5T Cannot Stream HD Content With Amazon Prime And Netflix

The OnePlus 5T is unable to stream Netflix, Amazon Prime Video in HD

OnePlus 5T not able to play HD content on Netflix, Amazon Prime ...

The user also noted that YouTube streaming is not affected by this omission.

At Level 3, OnePlus 5T users are only able to view contents from these services at HD resolution.

That's a bummer for folks who've shelled out $500 on OnePlus' premium phones, and especially those who waited for the 5T, with its 6-inch screen that's supposed to be all about its immersive viewing experience.

A OnePlus company representative has told The Verge that a future update for the 5T should enable Widevine Level 1.

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OnePlus 5 and the successor device - OnePlus 5T can't stream content from Netflix, Amazon Prime, Google Play Movies, and other video services in high-definition now, but the company has promised to bring the support to both the phones very soon. The Verge has confirmed that both the OnePlus 5T and its predecessor, the OnePlus 5, are now unable to stream Netflix or Amazon Prime Video higher than SD resolution. The user reported that OnePlus 5T and other OnePlus devices lack the required certification to stream DRM-protected content in HD format.

According to a thread on the OnePlus forums, the issue was highlighted earlier this month. A company spokesperson confirmed the feature was skipped from the start on these devices but didn't elaborate the "why" part. The spokesperson was unable to provide a time frame for when the update will be made available at this time. However, in comparison, most flagship devices support Google's Widevine DRM at Level 1, which does allow for HD playback - but OnePlus 5T doesn't, despite its HD-capable display and powerful hardware.

But, as reported by both The Verge and Android Police OnePlus has promised that it will be adding support for HD for the two new devices soon.

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