Amazon's Alexa Can Now Wake You Up to Music of Your Choice

Krales  The Verge

Krales The Verge

The new feature will be available for all Alexa-powered devices including the Echo Dot, Echo Show, and Echo Plus.

The feature works by asking Alexa to "Wake me up each morning at 8am by playing [song name or genre]".

Whether it's Amazon's own Prime Music or Music Unlimited, or supported services like Spotify, TuneIn, Pandora and iHeartRadio, Alexa has you covered.

While this might look like a minor feature, it is an important one for users who are still trying to bridge the gap between the devices of the past and modern technology.

It's not just the Echo Spot clock that supports the feature either.

When checking out one of the many music streaming services available nowadays, you just can not miss those mindless user comments saying that some popular hit is missing. The user can also ask the device to wake you up "every day" to the same song at the same time.

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In addition, Amazon Music subscribers can choose the song that the music alarm will play through lyrics or by choosing a mood.

A variety of voice commands can be used to set up these alarms.

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The feature doesn't seem to have rolled out to all regions as it didn't seem to work on an Echo device that we tested it on in India.

Shipping is free if you have Amazon Prime or on orders over $25. As it usually happens with the products and services available in multiple markets, the price of the Amazon Music Unlimited plans and the Echo smart speaker depend on the market. This means that there are surely now even more households and rooms with an Amazon Echo.

The Echo and its different versions all use Amazon-developed speech assistant Alexa.

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