Fire officials investigating cause of Redding apartment fire

Fire officials investigating cause of Redding apartment fire

Redding man who tried to kill a spider may have set his apartment on fire

Redding, Calif., firefighters said residents tried to kill a spider using a torch lighter.

"It was a huge wolf spider", said Wisegarver, who is a caregiver for one of the men living in the apartment.

A warning to people with arachnophobia: here's one way you don't want to kill a spider.

But Redding Fire Marshal Craig Wittner told BuzzFeed News that the spider attack is what tenants said they were doing.

Firefighters from the Redding Fire Department rushed to the scene, arriving to find smoke streaming out of the second floor of the building.

With the eight-legged creature ablaze it scurried onto a nearby mattress, catching it on fire, she said.

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Fire officials say the blaze spread from the mattress to a collection of flags and curtains inside the bedroom.

The residents unsuccessfully tried to quench the blaze using a garden hose but, before long, a fire was raging in the room.

"And it was such an interesting comment that it grew legs and spread like wildfire", he said, adding that the fire department's investigation remains ongoing. The apartment where the fire started is considered uninhabitable by fire officials.

Incredibly, it's not the first time someone has set fire to their home while attempting to kill a spider.

Wisegarver said she had been thinking about moving out anyway and the fire had just sped up the process.

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