Pokémon GO to Drop Devices Not Running iOS 11

Screengrab via EverythingApplePro  YouTube

Screengrab via EverythingApplePro YouTube

In a post published on the Pokemon GO website, developer Niantic explained how a new update to the augmented reality game would "push the application beyond the capabilities of the operating systems on such devices".

According to the official Pokemon GO site, an upcoming update will end support for Apple smartphones and tablets that can't upgrade to iOS 11, including the iPhone 5, iPhone 5c, iPad 2, iPad (4th and 5th generations), and the first iPad mini.

Of course, most iPhone owners are probably well aware of this considering that Apple released a statement not too long ago in which they informed owners of older iPhone models that they were intentionally slowing older devices in order to improve the performance of modern and future technology. This change will take effect on 02/28/2018. This includes the iPhone 5, the iPhone 5C, and the iPad 4.

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Also a part of Niantic's memo is the fact that users on Apple devices older than iOS 11 won't be allowed to access their PokéCoins and other items. The update brought a new AR+ encounter mode for Trainers on iPhone 6s and newer iPhones running iOS 11, as well as "improved Pokemon Go responsiveness".

Niantic has not released a similar message regarding older Android devices no longer being supported. Pokemon Go developer Niantic has announced it will be dropping support for Apple devices that can not be upgraded to iOS 11. No doubt, players who have invested real money into the game via microtransactions will be fairly vexed that they're being ditched for not having the latest iPhone or iPad.

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