DISH Set Top Boxes Get Voice Control Through Google Assistant

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Amazon already did it with the Echo Show but Lenovo's functionally named Smart Display (from US$$200) is arguably a better looking bit of kit.

LG Electronics is developing technology created to enable its appliances, televisions and other devices adapt to users and collaborate to handle tasks. One-quarter of smart speaker owners have a GOOGLE Assistant product such as GOOGLE Home or GOOGLE Home Mini.

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Add this to the ever-growing list of stuff getting Google Assistant functionality at this year's CES. "We know it will look like this, it will have an 8" touch display and front-facing camera, and the audio is tuned by Meridian Audio.

The feature is arriving on the company's Hopper, Joey and Wally devices at some unspecified time in the first half of this year. While Google Duo hasn't seen much love from the users so far, we hope that it gets the attention it deserves after its integration with more smart devices. "It's the only ecosystem that has, let's say building blocks we need which is the multiroom, the voice assistant, the apps but as other ecosystems mature we will bring more assistants on board". One voice command and you'll have it right in front of you, via Google Maps. It can also make sci-fi-style video calls, play music and function as a central hub for all your smart home kit. New survey data from The Smart Audio Report also reveals how voice-activation in the home is fueling adoption of smart technology broadly and affecting how often consumers engage with other platforms throughout the day.

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