Facebook is testing a new section to emphasize local news

Facebook testing “Today In” local news and events section in some parts of U.S

Facebook Inc (FB) Gets Deeper Into Local News, Events With New "Today In" Section

The project is a part of the company's Journalism Project initiative, which was launched at the time of presidential elections in 2016, because it was facing inspection for fake news stories being published on the platform before the 2016 election.

The social network is testing a new section inside its app called "Today In", a feed made up entirely of local news, events and announcements. Facebook aims to make it easier for people to find local news of their community in a separate section.

Facebook is using machine-learning software to surface content in this new section. Users in test markets will be able to access the feature through the bottom-right menu button on Facebook.

This initiative is the part of Facebook's Journalism Project, which was launched previous year to counter fake news allegations faced by the company.

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Publishers had also begun to sour on Facebook as a result of its growing power over whether or not their articles get seen and the impact this has on their ad revenue. And users will eventually be able to follow local cities that they don't now live in (a childhood hometown, for example), according to a company spokesperson.

The question is whether or not the section will benefit local publishers.

The social networking firm wants to expand this app to more cities and then other countries gradually. The social network has been trying to weed out misinformation and hoaxes on the news feed, and has tried using third-party fact checkers to curb the problem.

Going "Local" spells out the theme for Facebook over the last 18 months as it started providing more posts from local politicians and is also expanding Marketplace, its Craigslist-style platform that is used by people for sale of products to their neighbors.

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