Hyperkin is working on a standalone Game Boy remake

A New, 3rd-Party Game Boy is Being Made

The Gameboy Is Making A Comeback

According to Gizmodo, the device features all of the classic Game Boy controls that you remember, but with a few upgrades.

The market for retro gaming hardware has been around for ages, but no one knew quite how massive it could be until Nintendo came out with the NES Classic Edition in 2016. The peripheral manufacturer is now working on an updated version of the classic Game Boy tentatively called the Ultra Game Boy. They're targeting a Winter 2018 release date and it doesn't include any games.

That now seems set to change, as Gizmodo reports from CES on the Ultra Game Boy, an aluminum-cased portable console that resembles the slimmer Game Boy Pocket more than the bulky 1989 original system.

This isn't Hyperkin's first foray into Game Boy nostalgia. There will also be an option to turn off the backlight for a more authentic Game Boy experience.

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While the console will be new and improved, with a six-hour battery, a USB-C port for charging, a pair of stereo speakers, and left and right audio-out connections, the publication insist that the iconic, classic gameplay will not be impacted. And hopefully, you still have your old Game Boy cartridges laying around-the Ultra Game Boy won't have built-in games, since it isn't an official Nintendo product. In addition to the original's volume and contrast dials, the Hyperkin console will have a third dial to adjust the color of the console's backlit LED display.

To that end, as well as having a full aluminium case to better prevent the nicks and dings the original was a magnet for, the Ultra Game Boy has a number of other mod cons.

The game will be able to play classic Game Boy games, and possibly even Game Boy Color titles. Hyperkin has revealed the Ultra Game Boy which is basically an updated version of the OG Gameboy that will play your old-school cartridges.

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