Super Mario Odyssey Getting Balloon World Update

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Nintendo has previously noted that they weren't sure whether or not they would release any DLC for Super Mario Odyssey. Given that this is a free update, it seems this might be a case of the Odyssey team simply wanting to add something to the game after the fact. Becoming familiar with the nooks and crannies Super Mario Odyssey's various kingdoms will pay off in this game mode, as it features a leaderboard that allows you to earn coins by climbing the ranks for both Find It and Hide It mode.

The Luigi's Balloon World update will hit Super Mario Odyssey this February.

The fashion-conscious will appreciate the additional costumes that will be added to the game, as well.

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This is the first major update to Super Mario Odyssey, and while it doesn't introduce a substantial amount of new content, it will certainly tide over players until more expansive DLC is released for it. Three new outfits will also be available in the game, including a Sunshine Shades & Outfit, Musician Hat & Outfit plus Knight Helmet & Armor.

Then use the new Snapshot Mode filters to take some really trippy screenshots of them. Game Rant even gave its stamp of approval with a flawless score in our review of the game. Some have discovered glitches, such as one that helps with the frustrating jump rope challenge. Talk to him and you can play Balloon World in one of two ways: either go into "Hide It" mode and you'll have 30 seconds to stash a balloon somewhere in the stage, or pick "Find It" mode and choose another player's balloon to try and sniff out in the same length of time.

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