CES Provides Reasons To Bet on Intel (INTC) For the Long Term

CES 2018: Intel announces 'major breakthrough' in quantum computing chip

Intel Announces New “Brain-Like” Loihi AI Chip And 49-Qubit “Tangle Lake” Quantum Chip

Intel said Tuesday that patches to its central processing units are slowing things down by 6 percent or less.

Intel has also signed a partnership with Ferrari North America that will see the Ferrari Challenge motorsport event using its Xeon processors and deep learning technology to collect and stream video from the event, as well as mine the resulting data for insights.

Krzanich's comments at CES - the technology trade show formerly known as the Consumer Electronics Show - gave him the opportunity to address attendees from across the global tech industry.

The vehicle has 12 cameras, radars, laser scanners and computing technologies from Mobileye and Intel. SAIC is said to develop Levels 3, 4, and 5 autonomous vehicles based on Mobileye's technology.

"Data is the foundation of innovation", Krzanich said, as he outlined Intel's vision for technology. Even if these concepts necessitate a lot of computational power, they really have the potential to change the way we experience shows, sports, and movies.

The Meltdown vulnerability largely impacts Intel CPUs, while the Spectre flaw has broad impact across multiple types of vendor CPUs, including Advanced Micro Devices and ARM.

Intel also said that it would join forces with SAIC and NavInfo, a digital mapping company, to extend the crowdsourced map building that is necessary to roll out self-driving vehicles to China.

After the wake of news of the major security flaw involving Intel microprocessors, CEO Bryan Krzanich intends to tackle it head on by creating a new internal security group.

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Intel has said that it will cooperate with any investigation.

Fifty-five years ago, the Jetsons made flying cars look like our future, and one of the many "Back to the Future" sequels once again dangled the possibility.

While the earlier models were all about storing this data as a static commodity, now the data will move all around us at unimaginable speeds, Krzanich said. Intel shipped its first 49-qubit quantum computing test chip ("Tangle Lake") to research partner QuTech. The Volocopter achieved first flight in 2016, and Krzanich described his flight as "the smoothest, funnest ride" he'd ever experienced.

Tech giant Intel now wants to make the idea a reality - soon.

He added that there have been no reports of the exploits being used to obtain customer data as yet.

The unlimited resource, as Krzanich called data, will impact society much the way the invention of the combustible engine and computer did in previous centuries.

The incredible technology developed by Intel can possible people immersion inside a TV, helping them, have a different entertainment experience. Needless to say, Krzanich is bringing in the big guns to gain consumer confidence back quickly.

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