Cyber attacks on nuclear systems could lead to 'inadvertent' missile launches

The US Plans To Loosen Rules On When It Can Use Nukes, So Seeya Later Y'All

Donald Trump Administration Plans to Develop More Usable Nuclear Weapons, Loosen Restrictions

US, British and other nuclear weapons systems are increasingly vulnerable to cyber attacks, according to a new study by the global relations thinktank Chatham House.

'Inadvertent nuclear launches could stem from an unwitting reliance on false information and data.

"In times of crisis, loss of confidence in nuclear weapons capabilities would factor into decision-making and could undermine beliefs in nuclear deterrence - particularly in extending nuclear deterrence to allied countries".

Leaving nuclear weapons systems vulnerable to cyber criminals could have risky consequences, including them possibly setting off the weapon during a time of crisis through data manipulation.

"Donald Trump's Nuclear Posture Review comes after last month's publication of the US National Security Strategy (NSS) that was littered with references to nuclear weapons and a belligerent approach to North Korea, which was referenced seventeen times. Moreover, a system, that is compromised can not be trusted in decision-making".

The report said: 'At times of heightened tension, cyber-attacks on nuclear weapons systems could cause an escalation, which results in their use.

Meanwhile, U.S. media have been exercised by comments by Ri Son-kwon, who led the North Korean delegation to cross-border talks on Tuesday and said the North's nuclear weapons and missiles are trained chiefly on the U.S.

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However, the also using cyber warfare to disrupt North Korea's weapons program - a campaign than began under the Obama administration - and was blamed for the April 2017 failure of a rocket that disintegrated seconds after being launched. "Human error, systems failures, design vulnerabilities and susceptibilities within the supply chain all represent common security issues in nuclear weapons systems".

Software in the nuclear missile system was being upgraded after defence officials admitted there was "legitimate concern" about threats from cyber hackers.

The likelihood of attempted cyber attacks on nuclear weapons systems is relatively high, according to a research report published by Chatham House.

The Trump administration wants more to develop new "low-yield" nuclear weapons to add on to the American arsenal, according to a leaked draft report.

Researchers Dr Beyza Unal and Dr Patricia Lewis outlined a number of doomsday scenarios that could hit any nuclear arsenal in the world including neutralising communications - sowing doubt in the minds of world leaders and commanders ahead of a strike.

The research paper calls for nuclear weapons states to incorporate cyber risk reduction measures in nuclear command, control and communication systems. Said circumstances now include "a response to a non-nuclear attack that caused mass casualties" or in response to an attack aimed at critical infrastructure or nuclear control sites. "Academia and civil society should be encouraged to bring this issue to the attention of their government".

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