Did IKEA Release an Advertisement Containing a Pregnancy Test?

IKEA ad encourages consumers to pee on it
By Beki Winchel | Posted

IKEA ad encourages consumers to pee on it By Beki Winchel | Posted

"This ad can change your life as you know it", the commercial says. And interestingly, this is doubling up as a pregnancy test. The result is a small box that contains the pregnancy test, so anyone who tries this at home needs to take careful aim.

We're sure you've already guessed it by now, but if you relieve yourself on it and you're pregnant a discount code will be revealed, confirming that you are indeed pregnant.

Adweek called it "the coolest pee-based advertising since Animal Planet put urine-scented ads at the bottom of lampposts to attract dogs (whose owners then saw a larger ad at their own eye level promoting a dog award show)". Now, companies are trying their best to introduce quirky ways to get customers more involved in order to earn some discounts.

The Swedish furniture giant launched a new magazine advertisement which encourages women to pee on in hopes of receiving a discount on a baby crib.

A new advertisement by IKEA, running in a Swedish magazine is freaky for all the wrong reasons.

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According to media reports, the discount will be revealed only to a pregnant woman.

Swedish ad agency Åkestam Holst created the ad in collaboration with Mercene Labs, a chemical manufacturer in Sweden.

The ad doubles as a pregnancy test.

"The colour change is based on antibodies which bind to the pregnancy hormone hCG". There are no plans to place this ad in other markets, including the US. I mean, not only has is the idea out-of-the-box but also in line with IKEA's "Where Life Happens" theme.

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