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"Ford's advertising of these Super Duty pickups is littered with over-the-top promotion of fuel economy and so-called "cleanest ever" power", Berman said.

Super Duty or Super Dirty?

Ford is coming under fire for alleged emissions test cheating, with the F-250 and F-350 Super Duty trucks the targets of a lawsuit from a group of owners.

The outlet claims a proposed class action lawsuit against the automaker states that about 500,000 heavy-duty pickup trucks cheated emissions testing.

The law firm representing the owners, Hagens Berman, has launched lawsuits in the previous year against General Motors and Fiat Chrysler Automobiles as well as engine maker Cummins, making similar allegations.

The lawsuit alleges that Ford worked with supplier Robert Bosch GmbH to hide the affected trucks' inefficiencies for the sake of offering greater performance. In 2015, Volkswagen got in deep trouble when it admitted many of its diesel cars in America had "defeat devices", which effectively allowed the vehicles to blunt their emissions to pass federal tests.

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Ford said in a statement that all of its vehicles comply with all US Environmental Protection Agency and California Air Resources Board emissions regulations.

The lawsuit could cast some doubt on Ford's claims.

"It is not plausible, given [Ford's] "groundbreaking" testing, that Ford and Bosch did not know that emissions controls do not work when the vehicle is operating in normal stop-and-go conditions, running under heavier loads, and going up modest to steep grades", Berman says.

"Ford vehicles do not have defeat devices", the company said. The company called the suit claims "baseless".

"Bosch takes the allegations of manipulation of the diesel software very seriously", Bosch spokesman Rene Ziegler said. It is a well-known fact that these allegations remain the subject of investigations and civil litigation involving Bosch.

Ford's new 10-speed automatic is standard and features a Power Stroke diesel specific calibration while Ford's Auto Start-Stop is standard.

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