Google Assistant Makes CES Splash

Toyota will offer Alexa in its cars starting later this year

Google Assistant Makes CES Splash

The Alexa in Toyota vehicles will be able to do numerous things Alexa does in a smart speaker: control smart devices, play music, give navigation directions, and get access to more than 25,000 Alexa skills from third-party developers.

But, Moorhead countered, Microsoft is likely playing to its strength by angling to be the dominant digital assistant in workplaces and Cortana is already on some half a billion computers powered by Windows 10 software.

"CLOi doesn't like me evidently", quipped LG US marketing vice president David VanderWaal. SDA212 System on Chips are created to help developers and OEMs develop fast and efficient hubs based on Google Assistant and related Google services.

Earlier this week, Amazon also to bring Alexa to Bluetooth-supported on-the-go devices such as hearables, headphones, smartwatches and fitness devices among others.

Even though a Google spokesperson did not respond to a request for comment, Google vice president of engineering Scott Huffman confirmed the company wants to spread Assistant to mobile devices, home gadgets, and cars to Bloomberg.

"Our products will learn from users to provide intelligent services, not the other way around", Park said.

CES 2018: Power outage at tech's biggest trade show
As a result, numerous devices that were being showcased at CES 2018 were not visible enough for media coverage. That was enough to cut the power Wednesday, even though the sun had come out by then.

Both companies usually shun conventions like CES, preferring to debut gadgets at their own press events.

The two companies - and to a lesser extent, Apple, with Siri, and Microsoft, with Cortana - are waging a fierce struggle to establish their assistants as de facto standards for a new generation of voice-controlled devices.

It shows what questions you can ask and what platform it is available.

Bixby was also being built into a "family hub" smart system in Samsung refrigerators with large touch-screens on doors. Amazon has similar arrangements with other carmakers, and in November 2017 it announced a suite of voice-activated work tools to bring Alexa to the office.

The platforms could help speed the development of new digital assistants, touch displays, video cameras and immersive media, Qualcomm said, noting that Harman and Lenovo were working with Qualcomm on new products, including the Lenovo Smart Display, which uses the Qualcomm Home Hub platform.

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