Here's How Sydney's Train System Ended Up Absolutely Shitting Itself

A powerful thunderstorm rolled over Sydney on Tuesday morning bringing heavy rain more than 4,600 lighting strikes and strong winds

A powerful thunderstorm rolled over Sydney on Tuesday morning bringing heavy rain more than 4,600 lighting strikes and strong winds

Sydney Trains wrote on Twitter the delays are due to "staff availability" and commuters should allow extra travel time for "flow on delays".

Mr Collins admits the new more-intensive timetable means when things went wrong it takes longer for the system to recover - revealing Tuesday's meltdown occurred at a time when the system was only operating at 50 per cent of its usual patronage.

Tuesday's delays also followed a series of cancellations on Monday with transport authorities blaming higher than expected drivers off sick, which coincided with annual leave.

Damage to rail infrastructure caused by lightning strikes combined with a lack of available staff led to major delays on multiple train lines in Sydney.

The Rail, Tram and Bus Union (RTBU) aren't buying it though, blaming poor planning and the new timetable for the public transport operator's problems.

The storm also caused a power outage at Sefton Junction, which affected trains heading to Bankstown, Lidcombe and Cabramatta. Trains running at reduced frequency.

The NSW government introduced a new, busier train timetable on November 26 past year, adding more than 1,500 extra services per week and a minimum 15-minute service frequency across most of the day for 71 percent of stations.

Mr Foley said the Government's new timetable "was not worth the paper it's written on" and has pledged to revert to the old timetable if elected.

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"The problem is they've gone ahead and made promises for all these new trains when the growth trains aren't ready yet, so they've had to bring trains out of mothballs, there's no spare trains in the system and there's no spare drivers and guards, so of course it's going to be a problem when people get sick and exhausted and worn out", he said.

Mr Collins admitted he told the Minister it would be "tight" but said the new timetable worked well for the first six weeks.

"Gaps in driver coverage are a result of a failure to recruit enough drivers in advance of the new timetables". "We know that numbers of customers using our networks are down, so we're adjusting our services accordingly".

These so-called growth trains are the centerpiece of Sydney's "More Trains, More Services" program.

Mr Foley says the Berejiklian government needs to fix the transport chaos before spending $.2.5 billion of taxpayer's money on rebuilding two stadiums.

He said today's meeting came ahead of upcoming union pay negotiations but that he had "no evidence" the spike in sick leave this week was a guerilla tactic being used to strongarm the government.

"It is working", Mr Collins said.

If you usually catch a train in Sydney and had an absolute clusterfuck of a time trying to catch one today, then you're not alone.

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