Ivanka Trump praises Oprah's Golden Globes speech-Twitter goes in

The cast of “Big Little Lies” at the 2018 Golden Globes where they took home four statuettes

The cast of “Big Little Lies” at the 2018 Golden Globes where they took home four statuettes

Most of the attacks focused on the president and did not mention Ivanka Trump's recent book, Women Can Work, which aims to provide working women with professional advice on how to advance in male-dominated fields, and her time overseas giving speeches on women's rights.

Before receiving the award a series of clips showed Oprah's biggest moments, from her work as the creator and host of The Oprah Winfrey Show, in addition to her roles as actress, producer, businesswoman, author, spokeswoman and everyone's favorite audience gift-giver. "To say how we experience shame, how we love and how we rage, how we fail, how we retreat, persevere and how we overcome", she continued.

The message also came just hours before a report that found that Winfrey is "actively thinking about" running for President in 2020.

Emma's aim was to bring awareness to a cause she finds worthy during a time when hundreds of thousands of people are watching. "We also know it's the insatiable dedication to uncovering the absolute truth that keeps us from turning a blind eye to corruption and to injustice", she declared.

"I think if Oprah, because of her broad-based appeal, would run not just as an African-American candidate but as a woman candidate who would do quite well across any ethnic lines", Grant said.

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Nearly every single actress (and most actors) wore black as a statement against sexual abuse and harassment and show support for Time's Up. She continued, "For too long, women have not been heard or believed if they dared to speak their truth to the power of those men". People were quick to point out that Donald Trump has been accused of sexual harassment and misconduct by as many as 17 women. "I don't see her as a celebrity, I see her as a leader", said West Loop resident Kristine Singer. "But now she doesn't have a choice".

"In 2011, I told some jokes about our current president at the White House Correspondents Dinner".

The initiative is expected to cross party lines and position, include Democrats and Republicans, elected officials and lobbyists, agency and legislative staff and members of organizations, said Pamela Goodman, president of the League of Women Voters of Florida. "It's going to be a good year", the late night NBC funnyman said.

"I want to say that I value the press more than ever before. You do not have what it takes!" Oprah was awarded the Cecil B. DeMille award on Sunday night, for a lifetime achievement in film and television.

Taking to her Twitter feed on Monday night, Ivanka Trump tweeted her thoughts about Oprah's speech and made sure to give praise.

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