LG Introduces 88-inch 8K OLED Display Ahead Of CES 2018

At CES, Samsung, LG vie for top spot in premium TVs

CES 2018: LG TVs Get Smarter With AI

Apart from this, the company has also showcased 88 Inch OLED display with 8K resolution.

If you're in the unlikely Venn diagram of people who want a giant television screen but don't want to see it much, then you're in luck.

This means that OLEDs can be thinner and more flexible than any other television technology now on the market. LG has just unveiled a 65in 4K television set that rolls up like a poster when it's not in use.

The flagship TV in LG's 2018 lineup is the W8 "wallpaper" OLED TV, which has all the bells and whistles. LG is also promising better image rendering and colour accuracy, as well as enhanced viewing angles.

LG Display is the sole large-size OLED manufacturer now, as Samsung has already shifted its focus to QLED TVs. The all new 65 Inch Rollable OLED display grabs many eyeballs and headlines as this is world's first OLED display to have a rollable feature which is in fact completely flexible.

At CES, Samsung, LG vie for top spot in premium TVs

We will, of course, update with any details and bring you our first impressions of these new TVs as soon as we set eyes on them. While LG's own ThinQ AI technology will be able to handle more basic functions, Google Assistant and Alexa can help expand the functions by letting users control different smart home products, or even ask a simple question or place an order for something through Amazon. An OLED panel is thinner because there is no backlight (all the light comes from the pixels themselves).

In total year-on-year 55-inch OLED TV shipments rose 123% in November, while 65-inch shipments grew 157%, according to the research. The new version is still created to cling to your wall and stuffs most of its hardware into the soundbar below. LG is just showing us one way of how its rollable TV could be put to use, which in this case is by hiding the display when not in use.

A few years ago, LG showed off an 18-inch display that could be rolled up like a piece of paper.

ThinQ is a form of artificial intelligence which is shared across a number of new LG products, from televisions and speakers, to fridges, ovens, washing machines and more.

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