Microsoft starts testing end-to-end encrypted Skype conversations

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Skype Finally Testing End-to-End Encryption to Compete with WhatsApp

To that end, Skype is rolling out end-to-end encryption within Private Conversations using Signal Protocol.

Redmond has been a laggard in locking down Skype as a truly end-to-end encrypted comms system - end-to-end meaning only the people talking to each other can decrypt the chatter, leaving Microsoft and whoever may be eavesdropping on the connections in the dark.

Skype conversations are about to be as secure as conversations on Signal, the service used by US Senators.

During the preview, users only will be able to start private conversations with other Skype Insiders using the latest preview version, and interactions will be limited to one-to-one conversations. "You can switch the conversation to any of your devices, but the messages you send and receive will be tied to the device you're using at the time".

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Signal is an open source project now found in WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and Google Allo. Once the conversation or message chain begins, it will remain end-to-end encrypted until it is ended, the post said. What this means is that Skype's end-to-end encryption is not a complete one; but kudos to Microsoft for adding it in the first place. Please submit feedback and let us know what you think! Images, audio or video files sent via Skype's text messaging feature will also be encrypted.

Skype had the potential to be what WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger are now. Now these conversations are limited to two people at a time.

The Skype Insider app for Windows, macOS and Linux is available to download on this page, and the Android app can be found in the Google Play Store (Microsoft is no longer accepting beta testers on iOS). You will be taken to a new chat with them.

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